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Galatropis Rules

Here at Galatropis, we would love for everyone to get on together ingame and around this website. Sadly though, lots of things hanging around the internet want otherwise, so we have to create the following rules that all players must abide by to keep everybody safe and to make the game an enjoyable experience. Any account found breaching these rules may find themselves permanently banned, muted, or in more severe cases, device locked. We can delete any account if it breaches the rules with no refund if the account has membership. Staff have the ability to permanently ban or delete an account within a few clicks; We really don't want this to happen to you, so please read all of the following.

Rule 1 - Password Scamming
Don't attempt to get another players password.

This includes:
- Directing players to fake versions of the Galatropis website or game.

- Claiming that they are a moderator and need to make some changes to your account. We will never, ever, ever ask you for your password. We have access to your account already! Staff can be recognised with a golden star next to their name. No golden star, not staff.

- Offering to place free items in an account if they give their account details. This kinda doesn't happen that way so don't fall for it!

No matter who the other person is (whether they are a friend or family member), don't give out your password. If it's someone you're with, login and get them to tell you what to do. If you feel it is too late and somebody has taken your account, head over to password recovery as soon as possible.

Rule 6 - Building Something Rude
If you want to do it, take it to an unrestricted planet. People of all ages play Galatropis, so please be considerate towards young children on planets like Largolau. Portals are available throughout the City of Galatropis for getting to unrestricted planets.

Rule 2 - System Misuse
Please don't mess around with our systems.

This rule covers things like:

- Gaining Bug Abuse. A bug is a coding error that leads to odd effects. Some bugs are harmless; messing with these is fine. Using bugs to gain however (e.g travel faster, gain more experience etc) is against the rules.

- Spamming. That includes sending lots of web requests or flooding global chat.

- Sending invalid reports. Reporting another player helps us keep the Galatropis community a friendly place to be. Filling it with junky reports will slow the whole process down and only get you offences. Don't let this put you off reporting though :)

Rule 3 - Verbal Abuse
Galatropis allows everyone of every age to join in, so don't spoil it for them with ugly language. It's really serious. Even the hardest person can be very sensitive. Don't be that person who gets somebody killed over something you said to them.

This rule covers:

- Censor avoiding. This is any player attempting to use censored words by mis-spelling them or by seperating the letters out.

- Anything related to drugs, sexually explicit language, racism, threatening, blackmail, breaking the law, getting somebody else to break the law, bullying, general swearing etc. In other words, don't say things that other people may be offended by.

- No advertising real world stuff.

The censor can be turned off but it will always be applied in sensitive areas like all of Largolau. Only swearing is ok when the censor is off - bullying, blackmail etc is never permitted.

Rule 4 - Botting Software
Galatropis is a game built for people to play and enjoy, not machines! Don't go and spoil it for yourself and other players by using software to do stuff for you.

This rule covers any software that attempts to interact with the game client or the game services, excluding the official public APIs. If you want to connect to Galatropis the API provides lots of methods to do that and we would love to hear any ideas you've got for things we could add to it. If you're going to bot, don't think that we won't notice!

Rule 5 - Real World Trade
All in game content (including accounts) remain the property of Kulestar, the creators of Galatropis. Any unofficial trading or resale using real world currencies will get noticed and result in the accounts involved being deleted from the system. Why bother wasting an account or items good enough to sell!

This rule covers all content of Galatropis, from companies to user accounts, to items and currency. Currency has been created so you can trade these things (excluding accounts) in game, so why not do it the way it's supposed to be.

- If you see any websites or adverts suggesting the sale of Galatropis content, please let us know and we will take action from there, and give you something for letting us know.

Why not have an official account trading store? Surely that's a good earner for you?
Great question. In short, this makes rich people have the good stuff. We want to create a world which is fair to all players, rich or poor, and real world trade skews it a lot. If you have ideas for keeping a fair world and allowing people to sell their accounts, we would love to hear it!


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