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"Galatropis takes the best and puts it all together in one incredible experience, and it's free! Build anywhere, do anything - finally, a world with no limits"

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So, What is Galatropis?

Galatropis is an energetic MMORPG based in the future. Provided all from right inside your browser, Galatropis is aimed at a wide age range with content for everybody. Build homes, race other people, go to war, make companies and loads more..

Build up companies and homes right in the game world.

Ever wanted to see your home on a world map? How about from space? With Galatropis, you truely can! The unique system allows you to choose exactly what you want your home to look like by click n' drag. No grids, no limits. Oh and, it's free too.

If you want to try your hand at trade you can start up your own companies to sell whatever you want to other players and civilians. You can even start up a new race track or theme park and try out your skills at making the hardest and best one yet!

Build a Nation. Take it to war.

Team up with other players and build a group of cities, districts and ultimately a Nation. Run the Nation how you wish; President? Sure. Godly dictatorship? Why not! But creating a Nation comes at a price. Nation's can go to war with other Nations, meaning you'll need to setup a war office somewhere and keep your defenses strong. Enroll your cities civilians and make huge armies to take on your enemies like a pro!

Travel in style

The Galatropis universe is huge. Seriously huge, so there's tons of ways of getting around and loads of land that you can build stuff on. Infact, getting around has been made into an entire skill called Transportation. Fly super fast above the clouds, go straight up into space, or if flying isn't your style, try out kicking some flips on a hoverboard! Please note: we are not responsible for any injuries as a result of extreme hoverin'.


Travel the world and enhance a skill of your choice. Galatropis currently has 16 different skills, ranging from transport to lasering. With max levels of 150, there's lots of fun to be had in a large range of involving skills. Attack monsters (and other players in PVP areas!) for some booty with almost any weapon of your choice and shout out 'IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR' if you really feel like it! Attack not really your thing? How about sending out some tunage by playing some instruments with the music skill. That not your thing either? Then you can try out the extraction skill - suck gold out of walls with a vacuum or get some coal by whacking it with a coal club. The possibilites are totally endless.


From discovering more about the history of the city of Galatropis and the planet of Largolau it stands on, to saving a breaking down bakery, there really is no telling what mission is coming next.

Close community

From the word go, we would love to be as close to you guys as we can, spending as much time ingame and on the forums as possible. Because of this, almost all of our systems are automated so we can be around you guys ingame and on the forums if you need us. We try to hang around in Tower 101 in the center of the City of Galatropis, so do head over if you need us! Galatropis has been made to suit every age group, and aims to allow everyone to enjoy something of it.


Our main aim is to bring you what you want, when you want it and in the most simplistic way possible. The whole Galatropis system has been built from nothing to help us achieve this, along with a whole new way of releasing new content. The game servers should never need to be turned off, meaning you don't need to be interupted for an update.

Membership (coming soon)

Galatropis is available free of charge, however you may choose to upgrade to a members account to receive loads more content. Building will never be members only.

For the Parents

With automatic censors on chat, a top of the range report system and a dedicated group of staff and players on the loose, young minds don't need to worry about any risks. We simply don't tolerate abuse and are always coming up with new ways of protecting the community.


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